‘Enemy of the US!’ Germany branded ‘bad ally’ of West after failure to act on Putin

Nigel Farage calls out Germany over Russia response

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National security writer Tom Rogan has hit out at Germany, which he described as “an adversary of the United States”. Speaking on Fox Business, he described the country’s international policies as “absurd”, claiming that they are working “to Vladimir Putin’s benefit.”

He also claimed that Germany “adopts much the same position” in its dealings with China.

This came after Germany declined to send munitions or weapons to Ukraine to support it in its stand-off with Vladimir Putin.

The country also blocked NATO ally Estonia from providing military support to Ukraine by refusing to issue permits for German-origin weapons to be exported to Kyiv.

There have been growing fears of an imminent invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces, as Mr Putin has stationed around 100,000 troops on its border.

In response, 8,500 US troops have been put on heightened alert for possible deployment to eastern Europe, the Pentagon has said.

The forces could be sent at very short notice in order to support NATO troops, should the bloc activate a rapid response force.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson earlier this week warned of “gloomy” intelligence suggesting the possibility of a potential Russian invasion.

Mr Rogan went on to criticise Olaf Scholz’s Germany for its handling of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

The $11billion gas pipeline, which crosses the Baltic Sea from western Siberia to Germany, could heat 26 million German homes at an affordable price.

While German regulators have yet to give the project its final approval, the US is opposed to Germany’s support for the pipeline, as they view it as a tool that could be used by Russia to undermine energy and national security, increasing Moscow’s leverage over Europe.

Mr Rogan told Fox Business: “In the context of a critical threat to European Security – to the ideals of the EU and Germany as a democratic federal republic – Germany’s policies are not simply aligned with those values and those interests, but actually are aligned with Russia.

“But it’s not just the energy policy which is both to Vladimir Putin’s benefit and also to the detriment directly of countries like Poland and the Baltic states, and certainly Ukraine.

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“Its security policy – an unwillingness not simply to provide Ukraine with legal munitions, but to prevent other nations from supplying Ukraine with those weapons.

“And the Germans are saying ‘well, we’re sending them 5,000 helmets’.

“It’s so absurd that it’s almost humorous, and yet it’s not.

“Yet this is just one side of the coin.

“The other side – facing the most preeminent threat to international order and democracy, China – Germany adopts much the same position.

“So I think it’s quite clear that Germany increasingly is not an American ally.

“And actually, judged by its actions of consequence, could be described more accurately, accurately as an adversary of the United States.”

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