Elon Musk warns AI could replace Chinese leaders and take control of country

Elon Musk has warned Artificial Intelligence could soon be in control of China.

The SpaceX boss spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the wide-ranging discussion on his platform X. The tech billionaire claimed “that digital super-intelligence could be in charge of China instead of the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] being in charge of China” unless controls were brought in.

He said that he had spoken directly to Chinese leaders about the threat, and “The CCP prefers to be in charge”. “So, I think they understand the arguments [for regulation],” Elon continued.

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Elon has issued repeated warnings about the potential threat of unregulated AI, saying there could be “potentially a catastrophic outcome” if researchers are not “careful with creating artificial general intelligence”. He added that most people weren’t aware of the scale of the AI threat, because they didn’t know enough about it.

"Unless you are really immersed in the technology, you don't know how significant the risk can be,” he said. Elon has launched a number of ventures – including Neuralink, a system designed to link human and machine intelligence.

He has also created a new AI company, xAI – which are designed to provide a balance to some of the more reckless AI research. In the discussion, Mr Netanyahu predicted we’re about six years from “projecting AI into the cosmos” and sending artificial intelligence to other planets.

  • Elon Musk warns AI 'is dangerous to civilisation' if we start to rely on it

But he said there was a threat that AI could be used as a weapon here on Earth – with unpredictable results. Comparing the absence AI controls to the limitations on nuclear weapons, he said that rogue states could create as much devastation with runaway AI as they might have caused with a nuclear strike.

“Instead of MAD – mutually assured destruction," he said, "We’d have MAC – mutually assured chaos.”

  • Elon Musk warns AI 'is dangerous to civilisation' if we start to rely on it

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