Elle Brooke slams jezebels and harlots tweet saying s**ts need to make money

OnlyFans' Elle Brooke took to Twitter to knock out a hater who criticised the influencer boxing scene for having adult content star as she posted a double punch of witty comebacks.

Elle is now moving into boxing with her third career fight on the cards.

However, it appears some are not happy with female OnlyFans stars stepping into the ring.

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On Friday (March 24), the antagonizer, Twitter user @LeonWills101, tweeted his irritation: "Genuine question Why is the female influencer boxing scene riddled with jezebels & harlots? I can’t even click on their twitter in public."

Elle caught wind of the comment, and using her words rather than her fists, quote tweeted a cutting response: "Genuine question, How’s the online coaching going? If the website is anything to go by, not great. Could have done better on my Etch-A-Sketch."

The comments saw mixed responses, with some praising Elle's defence, tweeting "Mic drop" and "I think she's done you there bro", whilst other users rushed to online coach Wills' defence, posting: "triggered much?" and "why you crying".

Wills responded the next morning with a tweet: "Going great actually. Was you offended by my statement?"

Elle quickly clapped back with another bold quote tweet, "Not really, just wanted to bait you into interacting with me for more clout. Us OnlyFans s**ts have to make our money somehow, eh."

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This is not the first time Elle has been involved in online drama, having had a string of online conflicts with fellow boxer and OnlyFans model, Astrid Wett.

The tirade continued recently whilst Elle mocked Astrid for looking like a "Wii character" , alleging she would fight her' for a fiver '.

The social media personality is currently training for the Kingpyn influencer boxer tournament.

Elle is currently undertaking brutal sparring sessions that have left her battered and bruised, shared via her social media.

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