Elle Brooke says ‘give boxing Tag Team a chance’ as fans say it’s becoming ‘WWE’

Elle Brooke has urged fans to give a new tag-team style boxing set-up a chance after many fans complained about the concept.

Misfits boxing, which organises fights between stars like Elle Brooke and Astrid Wett, has announced a shake-up to some matches which will involve fighters "tagging out" and being subbed on by different competitors.

The first match featuring the new concept will take place on March 4.

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Speaking via Twitter, the organiser Mams Taylor said: "Tag team baby. And this is the thing. People will hate on it, people will love it. Some people will understand, some won't. But at the end of the day this is what Misfits is about.

"We've got serious competition in there, we have fun we have antics, we have sports entertainment. So get used to it. Love it lump it whatever you want but we're here to stay and we're here to create."

Following the announcement, many on Twitter were less than impressed.

"No one will love it, it's just making a mockery of Boxing, it's like you've just turned the sport into WWE," one wrote.

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While another put: "I’ll watch but sounds like an awful idea ngl."

But Elle Brooke, who is expected to be involved in the new project, hit back.

"People are so quick to hate on things before they even happen. Give the Tag Team concept a chance… I am sure if it goes down like a shit storm or the concept doesn’t work, Misfits will be the first to can it," she tweeted.

Some of her fans backed her up.

One said: "Completely agree. If it’s a hit, maybe stick boxers in a cage like they do in the WWE wrestling."

Another said: "It’s one of those things where to a pro boxing fan it seems kinda strange at first but once it happens it will be a spectacle watch."

It comes after Elle offered to fight both Astrid Wett and AJ Bunker on the same night following their title fight announcement.

Many fans are still holding their breath for a long-awaited bout between her and Astrid, after their previous fight was called off shortly after the weigh-in due to Elle's "inappropriate behaviour" last year.

Taking to Twitter, Elle said, referring to the two fighters: "Let me fight them both in the same night with a 30 minute interval."

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