Eight bodies found hanging from bridge as drug gang violence escalates

A week after 10 bodies were found hanging from a bridge, another eight have been publicly displayed, in what is thought to be a gang-related incident, in the Mexican state of Zacatecas.

Gang violence has skyrocketed in recent weeks, and tourists were warned to stay away from the country.

And just as President López Obrador's new security plan – which involves forming new armed police groups to take to the streets – is about to come into force, more bodies were found.

According to news site Infobae, seven of the bodies were found yesterday and were identified as being from the Fresnillo area, aged between 15 and 77.

Three of those were discovered hanging from a tree near Montemariana, while another two were found in trees off a highway between San Ignacio and San Gabriel.

According to local polls, Fresnillo is seen as the "least safe city" in Mexico, with 94.3% of residents feeling unsafe.

Yesterday, President Obrador took the trip to Zacatecas, a site of more gang violence last week.

While there, he met with Governor David Monreal to discuss his new security plan.

He said: "We are going … to support David Monreal and give all our support to the people of Zacatecas.

"The entire cabinet of the federal government is going, today and tomorrow, to a security meeting. “The entire security plan is going to be reinforced."

Local Mexicans appear to be taking matters into their own hands, however, as the Daily Star reported yesterday.

A group of alleged robbers were found tied to a lamppost with their faces painted like Batman's arch-nemesis the Joker this week.

This strange act of a possible vigilante was discovered in the Rio Bravo area of Mexico.

The two criminal suspects were found being forced to stand while being tied to separate posts on the opposite sides of the road on the border with Texas.

A man was found shirtless and had "soy rata", which means "I am a thief" in Spanish, spray-painted on his chest.

The female had "por rata", or "for being a thief", on her forehead.

They were attached to the post with duct tape, having been found attempting to steal someone's purse.

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