Edmonton craft brewery Alley Kat switches from bottles to cans

Alley Kat Brewing Company announced Tuesday it will be switching to aluminium cans after packaging almost exclusively in bottles since 1995.

The switch will happen this spring and was based on market demand, the brewery said.

“We’ve been watching the market closely for years and the trend from bottles to cans shows no sign of slowing down,” Neil Herbst said.

He recently sold the brewery but remains involved in day-to-day operations. Herbst said Alley Kat has been looking into cans since 2018.

“Based on these market conditions, we decided in early 2019 that we had to make this switch in order to provide craft beer drinkers with their preferred beer drinking experience.”

The company cited data from Statistics Canada that indicates the percentage of packaged domestic bottled beer sold in Alberta has dropped over the last several years. In 2012, data shows 24.5 per cent of beer sold was in bottles and 75.5 per cent was in cans. In 2018, just 15 per cent was in bottles. That number dropped further, to 12.6 per cent, in 2019.

“Cans are perfect for all kinds of summer activities, whether it’s golfing, camping, or outdoor festivals,” new owner Cameron French said.

“Plus, the can design allows us to provide the consumer with tons of information about the beer they’re drinking, along with a few other fun surprises.”

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