Driver repeatedly rams cop car in stolen Audi before making GTA-style escape

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A crazed driver who allegedly stole an Audi drove it into a police car before making a dramatic escape in shocking footage.

The video shows the dangerous motorist repeatedly driving the vehicle back and forth into the police car until the front bumper was hanging off in Bow, East London on May 21.

In one of the charges they made against the emergency vehicle, the back wheel was raised up off the ground as the front was grinding against it.

During the action, another parked silver car was hit so much that its bumper was also falling off before the driver made a Grand Theft Auto style retreat.

The driver managed to squeeze the trashed Audi through a gap between the cop car and another parked vehicle after ramming head-first into it to push the car away before speeding off.

It is believed that two police officers watched as the car drove away and the suspect is still on-the-run.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: "Police were called at around 12.15pm on Saturday, May 21 to a report of a possible stolen car parked on Eagling Close, E3.

"Officers attended and on approaching the vehicle found a man laying down in the driver’s seat.

"They asked him to open the window but he refused to do so and they attempted to gain entry. The driver then began to ram into the police car before making off from the scene. Enquiries are ongoing; no arrests have been made."

The news comes after a separate incident which saw a quick-thinking mum use her iPhone to save her son after her car was stolen with the nine-year-old still in it.

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Jerrica Moore briefly got out of the vehicle when she drove into a car park, but left her boy and his iPhone inside the car.

Fox News reports that an opportunist thief quickly got in and drove off, leaving the panicked mum behind.

But after calling the cops, she was able to give officers real-time tracking info on the vehicle, using the Find My iPhone app to trace her lad’s device.

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