Driver ploughs through pedestrians before ‘detonating bomb’ in packed street

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    Dozens of injuries have been reported in Handan in Hebei province, China, after a driver ploughed into a crowd of people in a packed city street before apparently detonating explosives.

    The car smashed into the pedestrians before the driver apparently exited the vehicle and walked into a nearby hotel. Moments later an explosion occurred.

    Shocking footage from the scene shows dozens of bodies strewn across the street. It is not yet clear whether there have been any fatalities.

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    The local Emergency Management Bureau reports that a vehicle sped into the crowd in Congtai District, Handan, and "many people were injured".

    The driver of car didn't appear to make any effort to slow down before smashing into the pedestrians

    According to eyewitnesses, the road where the accident occurred involved the New Century Commercial Plaza on North China Street to Lianfang Road.

    Ambulances and other emergency services have arrived at the scene.

    The white vehicle storms along the street in shocking footage as pedestrians are ploughed into.

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    The vehicle was later spotted abandoned at the side of the road with debris crowing the front around a crumpled bonnet.

    The footage shows the suspect walking into a nearby hotel.

    Screams can be heard by the crowds after a detonation.

    The suspect wears a black to grey sleeveless puffa coat, caught in one video where the camera zooms in as they enter the hotel.

    Other footage shows two people with microphones looking into the camera as music plays, a crowd gathered around them.

    Then, the crowd appears to move as one as the two people at the centre of the shot clock something is wrong.

    It seems something happens off-screen that causes people to scream and shout, as people are seen moving back towards the scene of the incident.

    Horrifying footage gathered in the wake of the car appears to show people lying on the ground in the road as people go over to them and offer help.

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