Donald Trump committed ‘moral sin’ but is protected by constitution claims lawyer

Donald Trump is 'protected by the constitution' claims lawyer

Attorney Alan Dershowitz, who previously defended President Donald Trump during his first impeachment, reflected on his speech. While speaking to Justin Webb on the Today Programme, Mr Dershowitz insisted the speech given by President Trump was “morally wrong” and terrible at a political level. However, he added that he is protected by his first amendments, freedom of speech, freedom of press and assembly.

Mr Dershowitz noted that these laws protected many speakers, regardless of how divisive, including civil rights leaders, the suffragettes, Nazis and Ku Klux Klan leaders.

Mr Dershowitz said: “I think the events of last week were a disaster for Donald Trump personally, for his presidency and for the American people.

“What he did was constitutionally protected, he had the right to do it but that doesn’t make it right.

“It is wrong to impeach him for it because he did not commit an impeachable offence but he committed a terrible and moral sin.

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“I think it will hurt the Republican Party for years to come.”

Mr Webb also questioned Mr Dershowitz whether he would help President Trump if he was impeached.

The lawyer replied: “I will stand up to the Constitution.

“I don’t believe we should compromise our hard-fought-for first amendment which allows the kind of speech he made.

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“The kind of speech he made is fairly typical of a capital-labour leader, the suffragettes, civil rights leaders and on the other side the Ku Klux Klan, Communist Party and the Nazis have all made speeches like that.

“Saying things like go to the Capitol, show them, fight back, they can’t take away our country.

“It is a typical speech so it is protected by the Constitution but for a President to make it.

“I will defend his right to do it but I will not defend it on the merits of what he said.”

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Following his speech, the Democrats have introduced an impeachment article against Donald Trump for the riots at the Capitol.

For the Democrats to remove the President, they will have to get enough numbers from their own party to vote for it and they will need two-thirds of the Senate on board.

Getting two-thirds of the US Senate to vote for impeachment will be difficult as there is currently a 50/50 split between Democrats and Republicans.

However, legislators now only have nine days to complete the impeachment process before president-elect Joe Biden takes office.

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