Dog trapped in 10ft well ‘thanks’ firefighters with warm hug after being rescued

A golden retriever has touched hearts of millions when it returned to show gratitude to the firefighter who pulled it to safety.

The poor dog was found trapped in a three-metre-deep (9.8ft) well in the cross junction of two highways in the city of Hefei, Anhui province in eastern China on February 16.

Firefighters arrived at the location and used a gas detector to test for any poisonous gas inside the well.

Video shared by the crew on Douyin, the Chinese equivalent of TikTok, shows a firefighter putting on harness equipment and gas mask before scaling down a ladder to the bottom of the well.

The golden retriever is found covered in muddy water but is believed to be unharmed.

The rescuer then secures the harness on the pooch so that other crew members could lift it up to the ground.

While the firefighters are packing the equipment away, the grateful dog runs around as if it is looking for the hero rescuer.

The pooch wags its tails and stays near the crew member to "thank" him for saving its life.

The firefighter touches the dog's head and gives it a pat on the back.

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  • Viewers were stunned to see the animal's reaction and thanked the firefighters for risking their lives to save the dog.

    One wrote: "What a grateful dog! It recognised the firefighter who pulled it out of danger."

    Another commented: "This is so heartwarming, thank you so saving the pooch."

    "I'm crying," a third added. "Golden retrievers are the best."

    Others suggested the firefighters to adopt the dog and keep it as a fire rescue dog.

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