‘Devastated’ lad finds he’s banned from prom when he rocks up – and trudges home

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A schoolboy was left "absolutely devastated" after a killjoy teacher told him he was banned from his senior prom after he had already arrived, because he "was naughty this year".

Dad Stephen Lang, 54, claims that a teacher also kicked his son out for missing one of his final exams.

He and partner Kayleigh Richards, 35, said they were issued no prior warning that Harrison Lang was banned.

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"Embarrassed" Harrison found out when teachers called his parents urging them to pick him up from Camborne Science and International Academy on Tuesday evening (June 28) in front of "hundreds of people".

Stephen, who shares Harrison with his ex Lindsay Williams, is annoyed after "forking out a small fortune" for a suit, shoes and a car, so that the teen could attend his final hurrah, CornwallLive reports.

The school says neither Harrison nor his family ever tried to buy a prom ticket – but they say he would've been refused if he had anyway for not adhering to school policies during the year.

Both Stephen and Harrison claim they received zero communications from the school stating this.

“I bought my son his suit ready for him to go and we got a car which we had hired to take him. He came down to the prom in the car and parked outside like anybody else and the teacher even opened the door to let him out with the crowds," explained Stephen.

"An hour later I had a phone call from another teacher who said he wasn’t welcome to the prom because he had missed an exam and had been naughty this year."

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He described his teenage son as "absolutely devastated" saying it "embarrassed him in front of all his friends".

The dad said: "He was broken. So upset. We spent a small fortune on his suit, shoes and getting him all nice and ready for it.

"If they had said a few weeks before then it’s a different matter but they’ve let him go all the way down there, greeted him out the car and said it was lovely to see him and then this. He was absolutely devastated. Me, my partner and Harry's mum were all devastated too at how you could turn away a kid like this."

He added that he had emailed the school to complain but had not yet heard back.

A spokesperson for Camborne Science and International Academy, said that they have clear behaviour policies that were not met and added that "the student in question neither paid for a ticket nor pre-ordered food and therefore was not expected to attend."

"If he had attempted to pay for a ticket or pre-order food, he would have been politely declined at that point due to our aforementioned policies," the spokesperson added.


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