Desperate dog owner in last-minute bid to raise £12k to save puppy’s life

A despairing dog owner is campaigning for urgent help for her pooch who has been diagnosed with a horror illness.

Laurie Lewis took to GoFundMe to ask for help to raise £12,000 for several major operations to save nine-month-old Truffle, who was born with 'one of the worst cases' of hip dysplasia the vet had ever seen as

Truffle, a sharpei puppy, already has one hip 'floating out of [its] socket' as a result of her condition and her owner has even been advised not to walk her, only letting her out to go to the toilet – despite the poor canine not even being a year old.

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Her owners have been informed that, while the operations will also allow Truffle to live a good life, she won't survive without them.

Lewis wrote on the GoFundMe page: "This is our 9 month old puppy Truffle! She is a lilac and tan sharpei she's our whole world.

"She is a playful, gentle, loving little soul who enjoys her walks as much as her naps."

"If you can donate during this hard time to help save Truffle please do, we can’t even put it into words how much it would mean to us and Truffle but if not – a share is just as powerful!"

The surgery Truffle needs will include replacing both of her hips at £8,000, plus an operation to fix a grade four luxating patella on her right knee, which will come to £4-5,000

While the cost of the treatments is out of reach for Lewis, she is praying she will able to save her much-loved canine with help from the public.

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The heartbroken owner also shared a word of warning, reporting that Truffle isn't the only one from her litter with medical problems.

She said: "We found out via social media that Truffle is not the only puppy from her litter to have had these issues. We have let the breeder at My Pup Palace know about truffles conditions, she has not contacted me back regarding this.

"If you own one of Truffle's litter mates or any other puppy from this breeder, please get your pup checked over sooner rather than later."

The owner added that while people may not be able to donate, it would come as peace of mind even if the campaign succeeded only in getting the word out about Truffle's horrible condition.

"Even if we can just get the awareness out there, this alone would give us piece of mind knowing that no other families will have to go through this awful heartbreaking experience", Lewis added.


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