Denver weather: Where to expect snow across the state on Tuesday

Commuters are likely to be dealing with a sloppy commute on Tuesday as Denver is projected to receive up to 4 inches of snow, while Boulder is expected to reach up to 7 inches.

According to Zach Hiris, a National Weather Service meteorologist, the snow in Denver is expected to start around 2 a.m. and continue falling through morning rush hour.

“Because most of the snowfall will be happening in the morning, give yourself extra time to commute to work in the morning. Even though it’s going to just be a couple of inches, it’ll definitely add on some time,” Hiris said.

In Northern Colorado, near Fort Collins, the snow is expected to begin around midnight and fall through the morning as well.

The snowstorm expected to hit the metro area Tuesday morning already is hitting the mountain ranges.

Meteorologists are anticipating the Rocky Mountains will receive 6 to 12 inches and Steamboat Springs to get hit with 12 to 18 inches. The forecast for the mountains includes a high of 11 degrees and a low of negative three degrees. Steamboat Springs is expected to have a high of 20 degrees and a low of 3 degrees.

A winter storm warning advisory will be in effect for Tuesday morning. Denver has a high of 28 degrees and a low of 13 degrees. Boulder is expected to be slightly colder, with a high of 26 degrees and a low of eight degrees. Fort Collins is projected to have a high of 23 and a low of four degrees.

However, residents on the Front Range can expect a complete turnaround for Wednesday, which is expected to be dry and sunny with highs in the 30- to 40-degree range. The rest of the week will follow suit, with highs ranging through the 30s and 50s. The projected highest temperature of the week will be 54 degrees at midday Friday in Denver.


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