Denver weather: Overnight snow leads to slick Tuesday with chilly evenings ahead

A foggy, slick start to Tuesday is expected to fade into an overcast day. Early morning humidity has caused low visibility making for a slippery drive.

The high for Tuesday is 33 degrees, with a chance of snow showers throughout the day, according to the National Weather Service in Boulder. There will not be much snow accumulation, but winds could gust up to 15 mph from the southwest, causing blowing snow. The winds will hang around into the evening as the sky clears and the temperature drops to 14 degrees.

Winds will be the worst where snow has stuck the most, and that’s out on the plains. Drifting snow and low visibility is expected in the eastern part of Colorado as well as the mountains Tuesday evening. Temperatures will drop into the single digits or even below zero this evening in the high country.

The skies will clear all the way for Wednesday, where the sun will push the high to 42 degrees. Wednesday night will remain clear as temperatures dip to 20 degrees.

A mostly sunny and warmer Thursday at 46 degrees will lead to a chilly New Year’s Eve. The weather for Thursday night calls for cloudy and 23 degrees. The next chance of snow in Colorado will come on New Year’s Eve and continue into the first day of 2021 on Friday.

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