Denver weather: Election Day forecast is warm and sunny

Denver area voters will be met with clear skies and warm weather this Election Day.

Temperatures Tuesday morning started out in the mid-40s and will rise quickly to a high of 70 degrees. A mostly cloudy morning will give way to a mostly sunny afternoon, and some wind gusts could reach up to 23 mph.

Tuesday will be dry, but just enough moisture in the atmosphere will keep humidity levels above Red Flag criteria.

Wednesday will be another day of above-normal temperatures, but forecasters at the National Weather Service in Boulder said it will likely be the last day of above-normal temperatures for a while.

The high Wednesday is 69 degrees, but a cold front is still set to push through the area and drop temperatures Wednesday evening to a 30-degree low.

Wednesday night now has a 40% chance of rain before 11 p.m., then a chance of snow between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m.

Thursday still has a 20% chance of light snow in the morning, and forecasters said accumulation totals will be minimal.

The rest of the day Thursday will be sunny and windy, with a high of 45 degrees, and that weather will continue through Sunday.

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