Dead dog sends message to owners – by appearing in a cloud

A dead dog has appeared to his owner in a cloud almost a year after he passed away in her arms, it's been claimed.

Janice Cousins was out walking in Somerset when she suddenly felt the urge to look up at the sky.

And what she was there was well worth the effort it took for her to gaze up.

The 65-year-old watched in awe as a cloud shaped exactly like her beloved Westie Billy floated past in the sky.

She said: “It was just so freaky. I looked up and there was his head. It was just a sweet moment for me. I just thought, ‘crikey, it’s Billy’.

“It was like he was trying to say hello. I’m not religious or ­superstitious but I felt I needed to look up for some reason.

“I know it’s only a cloud ­formation but it made me feel good, it brought me comfort.”

The retired postal worker was on her daily stroll with her ­labradors Bear, Benson and Wilf, and Scottish Terrier Finley, when she spotted what looked like Billy’s profile in the clouds.

She said: “When I went out on my favourite walk with my other dogs I just looked up at the sky and thought, ‘I don’t believe it’.”

After returning home, Janice posted the picture on social media and got “huge interest” from other dog owners.

She said: “I think it touches people’s hearts if they’ve also lost dogs.”

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Janice, from Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, added: “Billy was a really good age – top dog. A lovely dog. You never forget a pet, they always have a place in your heart.

“He’s buried in my garden next to my olive tree.”

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