‘Dangerous’ convicted killer on the run as locals urged to lock their doors

A killer is on the run after escaping from a US prison, with locals urged to lock their doors.

Bradley Gillespie, 50, was last seen on CCTV footage at the Allen/Oakwood Correctional Institution (AOCI) in Lima, Ohio, on Monday (May 22) at around 8.41am local time but managed to leave the facility along with another inmate, James Lee.

Officials warned the public both men were "dangerous" and shouldn't be approached if spotted.

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"Bradley Gillespie has a history of dangerous and violent crimes. At this time we believe Bradley Gillespie should be considered a danger to the public and assumed to be armed with a weapon," said a police spokesperson, as reported by 14News.

“We urge the community to be diligent. Lock your residence, lock your vehicles, and be alert. Turn on exterior lights.”

A reward of $21,000 (£16,979.76) was offered for information leading to the pair's capture.

On Wednesday morning (May 24) Lee, 47 – who was in jail on burglary and safecracking charges – was recaptured in Henderson, Kentucky.

However, his fellow runaway lag is still at large and has yet to be located.

But in an update issued by police, officials said they had located a shoe they believed had been left by Gillespie near the site where they recaptured Lee.

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“We have been working diligently to locate Bradley Gillespie," the police spokesperson continued.

"During our search efforts we have utilised large amounts of manpower from several law enforcement agencies. We have used police canines, we have used water vessels, helicopters and even drones."

It was discovered Gillespie and Lee were missing when they didn't show up to a prisoner count on Tuesday (May 23), the day after they were last seen.

The Ohio Department of Correction and Rehabilitation (ODRC) issued a statement on Facebook in the wake of the breach, saying: "During a prisoner count at 11.00am, ODRC officials determined Lee was missing.

"Angela Stuff, AOCI warden, approved an emergency count of all prisoners in the facility and escape posts were manned. During the emergency count, it was discovered Gillespie was also missing."

Gillespie was sentenced to two consecutive 15-year-to-life terms in 2016 for the shooting of Hannah Fischer, 21, and her boyfriend Frank Tracy Junior, 47, in the head.

He was found guilty after a short trial, with loved ones of the victims declaring "justice was served for Hannah and Frank."

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