Dachshund puppy’s daily routine of ringing bell to go to loo is impossibly cute

An incredibly-well trained dachshund puppy has been filmed ringing a bell to tell his owner that he needs the loo.

His owner, who is known as "daman" on Reddit, shared his pet Dewey's daily routine on a subreddit group, adding: " Dewey once again being a good boy and ringing his bell for potty!"

The 13-week puppy hops to the front door and makes a little "boop" at the bell right next to it.

He then waits patiently until his owner comes and opens the door to let him out to use the toilet.

Other fellow dachshund owners had their hearts melted watching Dewey's adorable routine.

"That’s amazing! A puppy dachshund not only house-trained but ringing a bell?" one commented while praising Dewey "best boy".

Another said: "This is so precious," while a third agreed, adding: "Oh my god this is so cute."

While some asked if Dewey would ring the bell as a signal to "go for a walk" instead.

Daman was sure that his puppy understands that as "potty only".

He explained: "I think the biggest thing was that we have an exercise pen outside that we use as his 'potty pen'.

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"The pre-determined space and smell allows him to focus on what he’s supposed to be doing."

The doting owner would bring Dewey outside the house whenever he had had a meal or was acting funny.

"Every time we took him out we’d make him boop his bell and say 'potty' and eventually he got it down pat," he added.

"He never rings it for attention or for play or anything because we give him tons of attention so he knows the difference.

"At only 13 weeks we are extremely proud of our good boy!"

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