Crooked Airbnb host offers tent in his back garden for almost £60 a night

People have reacted in horror after an Airbnb listing offering a tent in a garden for almost £60 turned out to be real.

A screenshot of a listing from the popular property rental website made its way to Twitter where it was shared by a housing activist.

"I've been sent this one loads, assumed it was a p**** take! Apparently it's not," wrote the man named Ciaran, who runs the Twitter page Crazy House Prices.

Alongside his disbelieving tweet was a screenshot of the 'room' on offer, a basic camping tent on a concrete floor in what appears to be a back garden, in Dublin, Ireland.

The humble abode was on offer for €69 per night, before it was reduced to €59. That's the equivalent of just over £58 down to just shy of £50.

Whilst everyone is aware that the rental situation in Dublin is dire, of course people approached the listing with suspicion. That was until a woman reached out to the host and he confirmed the listing was genuine, before it was deleted.

The woman, called Aimee, emailed the host via the Airbnb website and he replied, saying: "Hi Aimee. It's not a joke. However, maybe a comfortable couch in the living room is something you prefer.

"I have a very large living room for that and several couches. And it's listed also."

One shocked Twitter user wrote in response: "What will be the catalyst to fix this crisis? If a ffffing tent on a concrete patio advertised as 'Private room in Dublin' for €59 a night is a sad reflection on someone's moral compass. Sad sad sad state of a country."

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"That tent should be rented out – then set on fire," another wrote.

Writing on the website Airbnb Hell, another Dublin visitor shared his horror story of a 2015 trip to the Irish capital.

The man and his wife booked four nights in an apartment in the city only to find that when led there by the absent landlord's friend, there were two students in the place.

"When led into the appt there were two students in residence – unexpected to us and the key owner as we were to them. One was asleep on the couch.

"The key holder beat a hasty retreat. The apartment smelled very bad – a bit like a cross between a gym and the dustbin."

The man said they left after one night and were given an incomplete refund from Airbnb.

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