Covid 19 Delta outbreak: The 90% Project – Blue Sky Tower vaccination icon

For two nights, Auckland’s Sky Tower will transform into a bright blue beacon celebrating New Zealand’s efforts in reaching 80 per cent fully vaccinated today.

Bathed in blue and white light, the iconic tower will be lit up for all to see at 9pm tonight and tomorrow night after testing took place on Thursday night.

Throughout, messages of congratulations and encouragement will also be shown along the side of the Sky Tower, including “We’re at the pointy end” and “It’s within arm’s reach”.

The Ministry of Health announced yesterday the 80 per cent target was reached, although the percentage had been rounded to the nearest whole number.

Today’s reported figures show there are just 427 second doses left to hit 80 per cent – which would have been achieved this morning.

Coordinated by SkyCity, NZ Herald owner New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME) and TBWA\NZ, the Sky Tower initiative follows the Herald’s “The 90% Project” – an editorial endeavour aimed at getting 90 per cent of Kiwis vaccinated by Christmas.

The special lighting was made possible with support from The Warehouse Group, 2degrees, Goodman Property and TBWA\NZ.

“New Zealanders deserve a massive shout out for ramping up our vaccinations rates so quickly,” SkyCity chief executive Michael Ahearne said.

“The teams in all of our businesses have been behind the vaccination goal from the outset and we wanted to find a way to celebrate how far Kiwis have come and encourage that final push to the 90 per cent mark.

“What better way to show our appreciation than by turning the southern hemisphere’s tallest tower into an icon of vaccination.”

Preparations for the Sky Tower lighting began in earnest when the NZ Herald’s data team, which is driving the live vaccine tracker, predicted New Zealand would hit the 80 per cent later this week.

“The NZ Herald’s ‘The 90% Project’ has been an incredibly important initiative for all of us at NZME. We have been heartened and energised by the support the initiative has received from right across New Zealand,” NZME chief executive Michael Boggs said.

“It’s been an incredible effort from all Kiwis to get to us to 80 per cent double vaxxed and we wanted to make sure it was a celebrated moment,” TBWA\NZ group chief creative officer Shane Bradnick said.

“We saw creating messaging on the Sky Tower aligned to The Herald’s 90% project as a great opportunity, and it feels good to be able to acknowledge what Kiwis have achieved and encourage the final push.”

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