Court asked to ban kids from seeing singer filmed getting oral sex on stage

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    Lawmakers are looking to ban children from seeing a controversial Brazilian singer who performs X-rated antics on stage, including receiving oral sex.

    MC Pipokinha, real name Doroth Helena de Sousa Alves, also previously let a cat lick her nipples in a shocking video that went viral and skyrocketed her to infamy.

    Now councillor Ivanilson Marinho has filed a request to a court that would see children and teens banned from the singer's next show, set to take place in Gurupi, central Brazil, on April 6.

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    But according to the MP, it's not just the singer's racy onstage antics but also her lyrics that are inappropriate for minors, with Marinho claiming they could lead to serious consequences, Portal Do Amaral reports.

    A report sent to court by the politician read: "Considering all the sexuality that the artist brings to using a childish appearance, as well as the various scenes of innuendo and real sex that the artist and her dancers do on stage; […] considering the content of the singer's lyrics that extrapolate in sexual terms, being absolutely inappropriate for minors…

    "I attend Your Excellency's presence to request a ban on the entry of children and teenagers to the funk artist MC Pipokinha's concert to be held in Gurupi on April 6th."

    This isn't the first time MC Pipokinha has run into trouble with law enforcement.

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    After a video surfaced showing her allowing two cats to suck on her nipples, Brazil’s Public Prosecutor’s Office said it was investigating the 24-year-old for alleged zoophilia on the recommendation of Brazilian MP Matheus Araujo Laiola.

    He said at the time: "We have just notified the Federal Police and the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office to investigate the crime of mistreatment (zoophilia) practised by this person!"

    Alves has also come under fire for other X-rated videos leaked in recent weeks, including one in which she allowed a naked fan to give her oral sex while she was on stage, and another where she was seen role-playing as a child with a baby's dummy in her mouth.

    Following the release of the clips, MC Pipokinha issued an apology – but not for reasons critics might have hoped.

    The controversial figure instead took to social media to say sorry for making derogatory comments about teachers' salaries while on stage in her native Brazil.

    "First, I want to apologise to all of you and the teachers. I was misunderstood for what I said. If they felt offended by me, I apologise a lot", she wrote.

    "I was suffering many attacks that did not come in the media. So, in the heat of emotion, I said the same thing. But at no point did I want to offend the teachers. I did not mean that. That's it."

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