Coronavirus: South Okanagan company says employee has tested positive for COVID-19

A South Okanagan company says coronavirus health protocols that were implemented on Sunday came into full effect this week after one of its employees tested positive for COVD-19.

Based in Penticton, Peerless Limited, a trailer manufacturer, says the employee had recently returned from a holiday in Mexico.

Peerless Limited vice-president of operations Marc Berthiaume told Global News on Friday that the employee has stayed home since returning from vacation.

“Wednesday, we learned that she had the virus,” said Berthiaume. “So our protocols worked.

Berthiaume said Peerless, and its parent company, Manac Inc., in Quebec, began having discussions about coronavirus health protocols last week.

He said on Monday, Peerless had six employees returning from vacation — three from the U.S., and three from Mexico.

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