Coronavirus: Patients worried after Alberta cancels non-urgent surgeries

Alberta Health Services has cancelled all non-urgent surgeries and procedures in facilities across the province in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is a necessary step to ensure the health-care system can sustain its pandemic response,and be able to respond to emergencies,” AHS said on its website.

Emergency surgery and scheduled oncology and cesarean procedures will go ahead as normal.

Although her surgery isn’t considered necessary, Taber resident Belinda Williams says her Multiple Sclerosis has limited her ability to be independent.

“In 2015, my right leg decided it was not going to listen to my brain anymore,” Williams said.

“The surgery was going to be to try and lengthen my Achilles tendon to get my heel back on the floor.”

Williams says her procedure would ease a good amount of pain caused by her MS and she’s already waited more than a year for it to be done.

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