Coronavirus: Calgary police upping patrols, preparing for possible officer sickness

While Calgary police say there has been no change in call volumes or crime in the city since the coronavirus outbreak reached Alberta, officers will be stepping up patrols on the streets.

Calgary Police Service Supt. Steve Barlow said on Wednesday that, as a way to support local businesses, which now have empty storefronts and restaurants, more officers will be checking in to make sure they aren’t being targeted by criminals.

“Our officers will be doing more patrolling but we do have some posters and information going out to businesses that are going to be closed up and that’s something that will stay on our radar to be looking after those businesses,” he said.

Officers responding to calls

For police officers, their car is the workplace, Barlow said, which means taking extra precautions to ensure their personal safety when responding to calls.

Barlow said officers already have personal protective equipment like masks, gloves and gowns if they need it, but they’re also being advised to keep their “work space” as clean as possible.

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