Convicted sex offender expected to move to Winnipeg, police say

Police are warning about a convicted sex offender who is expected to move to Winnipeg after his release from Stony Mountain Institution Friday.

James Sheldon Jasper, 43, has been convicted of numerous sexual offences against children and, while he has taken part in treatment in the past, he is considered at high risk to re-offend against children, especially boys.

Jasper’s criminal record includes a conviction for sexually assaulting a 10-year-old boy in November 2003. Police say Jasper invited the boy into his car and drove him to a secluded spot where the child was sexually assaulted.

Following his release from prison for that conviction in January 2006 Jasper has subsequently been convicted of breaching the terms of a 10-year long-term supervision order several times, including in 2017 when he was caught near a daycare centre.

His release from prison Friday follows a 24-month sentence stemming from a 2018 conviction for breaching his probation order.

He will be subject to a three-year probation order with conditions, including having no contact with any person under the age of 18 except for unavoidable encounters in public, not to be near public parks or swimming areas where anyone under the age of 18 are present, not to be near schools, playgrounds, daycares, or community centres, and a nightly curfew.

He is also not allowed to own or use a cell phone, computer, or device capable of accessing the internet, and must comply with any assessment, treatment or counselling as directed by his probation officer.

Police warn that Jasper has used predatory, premeditated behaviour to access vulnerable victims, particularly young boys, to facilitate the sexual offences.

Police say they are providing a warning about Jasper’s release so members of the public can take suitable measures to protect themselves, and any vigilante activity against him will not be tolerated.

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