Cleaning team called to train after passenger’s gross discovery under the seats

A rail operator has been forced to send a cleaning team onto one of its trains after a passenger spotted something gross under one of the seats.

Merseyrail sent the team onto the train after receiving a report that someone had seen the result of another passenger's poor hygiene practices underneath a chair.

They had been travelling on the 3pm train from Ormskirk to Liverpool Central on Friday May 13 when they spotted something unusual, the Liverpool ECHO reports.

After taking a closer look, the passenger was disgusted to find out that it was in fact a pile of nail clippings that another passenger had discarded there after giving themselves an impromptu pedicure on the go.

The disgusted passenger took to Twitter to share their revolting discovery.

In a post to the platform, they said: "Is it OK to do a pedicure on a train journey?".

Merseyrail spotted the tweet, and responded by immediately sending a cleaner onto the train to sort out the mess left by the inconsiderate and gross passenger.

A spokesperson from Merseyrail said: "We are aware of this report from a customer travelling on one of our services.

"Our team have contacted the customer directly to get more details and our onboard cleaning team will attend as soon as possible to deal with this issue."

Despite the best efforts of rail companies to keep trains clean and tidy, packed trains can quickly become messy.

Some passengers however really take things to the next level, trimming toenails, spitting, and even urinating in carriages to the disgust of other passengers.

One couple took things to another level entirely as a woman began trimming her partner's toenails in full view on a train.

While some people were impressed by the openness the pair clearly shared, others were disgusted by their decision to indulge in some personal grooming in full view.

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