China constructing 26-storey pig hotels with aircon as demand for pork booms

Chinese authorities are launching 26-storey pig hotels in response to the booming pork market, it has been revealed.

Beijing is arranging a string of 26-storey buildings that will include air conditioning and maternity facilities.

It comes as the capital aims to reduce land use for farming, as China continues to reach the increasing demand for meat.

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Over in the central city of Ezhou, a company named Hubei Zhongxinkaiwei Modern Farming has constructed a towering high-rise which is said to come with AC and ventilated floors.

The £480 million project, which started two years ago, was launched in a bid to overcome limited land.

It was reported that in 2019, when swine flu swept across the country's pig herds, Beijing authorised multi-storey facilities to be occupied for hog breeding.

Following the capital's approval, the amount of skyrise swine farms has increased annually by 30 per cent, reports the state-run publication Beijing News.

The inventive breeding facilities cost more to build than normal pig farms, however, authorities say it's worth the cost in areas where there is a lack of space.

It was reported that by early this year, the southern province of Guangdong, had created over 170 multistorey pig farms.

Hubei Zhongxinkaiwei Modern Farming was set up in 2020, just months before it constructed the first 26-storey facility in Ezhou. They started to build the second site last year.

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The producer aims to have a yearly yield of a staggering 1.2 million pigs once the sites are fully in production.

The facilities will be highly automated with 30,000 control points for accurate feeding, said the company.

Contamination will be avoided by distributing the feed to all floors via an enclosed system, reports The Times.

The interior environment will boast a real-time monitoring system featuring; air quality, temperature and humidity.

“It will become one of the most efficient, safest and low-carbon pig farms that pay the best salaries and have lowest overall costs,” the company added.

But the skyscrapers have caused some backlash from activists, with a petition launched opposing the plans.

The French campaign launched on platform Mes Opinions, has received over 19,000 signatures.

Over on Facebook, online users said the buildings were "heartbreaking" and described the plans as "absolutely dreadful."

One person said: "That is heartbreaking! I love meat but only from places where the livestock is treated well. So glad we have small farms here they care for the animals we can buy direct from. Thank for all you do!!"

Another commented: "So awful! This is why I am grateful for humane breeders who share and educate on the importance of shopping locally/ethically."

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