Cherry Creek State Park beach, Chatfield closed due to E. coli | The Know

A day after the swim beach at Chatfield State Park was closed due to an irregular test result for E. coli bacteria, that area reopened Wednesday but the swim beach at Cherry Creek State Park was closed for the same reason.

Cherry Creek reservoir remains open for boating, water skiing, paddleboarding and fishing. Only the swim beach is closed.

Swimming areas at both reservoirs are tested daily, and park officials are required to report regularly to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. When bacteria levels return to standards set by CDPHE, the swim beach at Cherry Creek will reopen.

“These closures are not a common occurrence, but can be caused by fecal waste from wildlife, run-off from urban areas, or excessive run-off from rain, which we have had a lot of lately,” Cherry Creek State Park manager Jason Trujillo said in a news release. “There is still a lot of water coming in to the reservoir, which is a good thing to be this full in July, but that is potentially the cause of our elevated samples.”

Chatfield was closed Tuesday after one of two tests came in above CDPHE standards. After it was retested, results showed it was safe for swimming.

“Additional tests taken from our swim beach were shown to be well below the levels the CDPHE procedures warrant for a closure,” said Ben Vinci, Chatfield State Park operations manager. “We had the one irregular sample that caused us to close the swim beach on Tuesday out of an abundance of caution, but the rest of our samples this year have been below the maximum limit. With today’s test results showing the levels are safe, we reopened our swim beach.”

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