Cat perches on owner’s arm and refuses to move leaving viewers howling

A cat owner has captured his cat's incredible physical skills to balance himself on his arms in an amusing clip.

Reddit user FatCat45 filmed how his American long hair Tabby loves to cling to his arm while leaving her legs hanging in the air.

In the clip, the domestic feline looks calm and relaxed as her owner holds onto her chest and lifts her up and down.

She sticks on like a glove and doesn't jump off.

When he brings the cat closer to the camera, she can be heard purring and even rubbing her head on the phone, meaning that the pet is enjoying it.

The owner wrote in the post: "My cat loves to be held like this and tossed around."

Viewers were surprised to see the unusual way to carry the pet.

One said: "I throw my cat over my shoulder like a towel. Only way he'll let me hold him for long periods of time."

Others called it like a "cat-gun" or a "cat-arm".

Some suggested the owner get a second cat so he could complete a set of arm workouts lifting two cats at the same time.

"Tried this!" a brave cat owner wrote. "My cat went wild and attacked me."

But one user believed that the posture reminded cats of how it felt to be sitting on a tree branch.

"I think it’s pretty natural in cats because in the wild they would sit in trees on the branches and spread their legs like that to rest," they said.

"I’ve mostly seen big cats do it in pictures and videos but one of my kitties sometimes does this, so I guess cats are cats no matter the size."

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