Brutal fistfight at airport baggage reclaim as warring crime families scrap

Two ‘crime families’ have been involved in an airport brawl at an airport as they tried to reclaim their baggage.

The incident broke out at Ballina Airport in northern New South Wales, Australia, between two local well-known criminal families.

Two particular individuals are understood to have engaged in the conflict first before others got involved, recently released footage appears to show.

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Despite the footage being new, the incident is actually understood to have taken place on February 6, 2021, and is thought to feature members of the Hamzy and Alameddine gangs.

The Mirror reports that John Ray Bayssari, 31, a member of the Alameddine family was waiting for his bags when he saw Hamzy man Dagher Ghamrawi, 41.

The footage was gathered by, and shows bystanders trying to get out of the way of the chaos as the two start throwing punches.

Things escalate when a man believed to be 30-year-old Benjamin Barakat starts swinging before a fourth man, Ghassan Amoun, also enters the melee.

The ruckus sees little breakaway fights pop up with one of the members of the fighting, Amoun, still wearing his backpack.

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In January 2022, just under a year later, Amoun was shot dead outside a laser clinic in Sydney.

A police factsheet made for the court said: “The brawl lasts for about a minute and a half in total before the parties are separated by airport security.

"There are clearly at least 40 people in the near vicinity of the brawl including families with young children.

"People are moving away from the melee."

Around 15 people are understood to have lost their lives in violence surrounding the beef between the two families in the last two years, escalating since last year’s airport fight.

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