Brit’s underwhelming trip to Ukraine’s border with Russia – ‘it’s just a field’

An intrepid Brit took a trip to the border between Russia and the-now under attack Ukraine just hours before last week's invasion began.

Benjamin Rich, also known as YouTuber Bald and Bankrupt, travelled from Poland, through to Ukraine, where he found his way to the village of Baryshivka.

The tiny, almost desolate village is actually on the border of Russia, inside Ukraine, with barbed-wire marking out the territory which stretches for miles.

The ground is covered by snow, but there were no signs of the Russian army at the time.

Arriving at the border, the 47-year-old said: “It's kind of underwhelming being here.

“You expect tanks to be lined up… but when you come here, it's just a field and over there is Russia.”

While there, Ben, who's channel explores areas of former Soviet Union countries that you don't normally get to see, he spoke to a local man.

Ben asked how life was on the border, and whether or not the area was peaceful.

The man replied: “We don't think about it. For now, it's all ok.

“We are citizens of Ukraine, we are calm.

“I haven't even thought about moving – why would I abandon my house?”

Ben captioned the video “Solo Along The Ukrainian-Russian Border”, and appeared to change his view, which he admits to thinking that an invasion wasn't possible, once the actual invasion started last week.

His description of the video reads: “A week now seems a lifetime ago in terms of the rapidly changing events in Ukraine.

“I arrived in the country thinking to myself 'Putin isn't mad enough to invade because the Ukrainian people will fight to the death for their country – it will be like Stalingrad'.

“And yet I was completely wrong to underestimate his insanity.

“Now as I write this the people who I met in this video are living under bombs and bullets. Unbelievable how much suffering Ukraine has gone through in its history.”

The video has, so far, been viewed more than 1.7 million times.

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