Brits quaking over sausage sarnies as world is gripped by ketchup shortage

Brits were quaking over their sausage sarnies this morning after the world was gripped by a shortage of ketchup.

Tomato sauce giant Heinz is stepping up production by 25% in the US after restaurants ran out.

Chris Fuselier, owner of the Blake Street Tavern in Denver, Colorado, said: “My chef came up to me one day and said: ‘We’ve got a problem – I hate to tell you this but we’re out of Heinz’.

“If you’d have asked me 18 months ago would I have concerns about ketchup shortages I would have said: ‘Are you crazy?’ We’ve been hunting high and low.”

That has sparked fears the traditional British breakfast could be hit too.

One Leeds café boss said: “I can see what’s coming. We can’t have people sharing bottles any more so I’ve been getting sachets everywhere I can.’’

The crisis was caused by Covid-19, which has changed the way diners consume their sauce.

The Government has decreed shared bottles are a virus risk so it must be supplied in individual sachets.

They were already in short supply due to the clamour for takeaways and deliveries during lockdown.

And the demand has peaked now restaurants and bars are re-opening.

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Heinz has reacted by increasing production by 12billion sachets a year to combat the emergency.

It comes after a woman's gravy-covered full English breakfast was branded 'wrong on all levels'.

The full English breakfast is one of the nation’s favourite dishes.

So when people start tinkering with the recipe, it can spark backlash from foodies.

This was definitely the case when a woman called Stacey E shared a picture of her unusual breakfast on the popular Rate My Plate Facebook page.

She piled her plate with buttered toast, three sausages, bacon rashers, an egg, two plum tomatoes, beans and a splodge of tomato ketchup.

But it was her inclusion of gravy that caused uproar on Facebook, where it garnered more than 7,100 comments.

According to the Mirror, one responder said: "Gravy? Gravy on a breakfast? That looks absolutely vile and it's wrong on every single level. 0/10."

Another remarked: "Who in their right mind puts gravy on a breakfast?

"Lockdown has certainly taken its toll on you, Stacie, seek help, dear."

A third asked: “Why have you mixed breakfast and dinner together.”

Another wrote: “Gravy? I like gravy as much as the next person, especially on chips. But this is just wrong on many levels."

And a fifth added: “Oh lord, I thought it was bad enough putting melted margerine on the warm bread but gravy?? It's like staring into the abyss of tastebud betrayal.”

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