Brit gran found dead on Greek Island three weeks after vanishing without trace

A British grandmother has tragically been found dead on a Greek island three weeks after she disappeared without a trace while exploring with her husband.

Bath native Susan Hart, 74, was reported missing on April 30, after taking a ferry from the Greek island Kalymnos to the remote island of Telendos with her husband, Ed.

While she told her husband that she would wait at the front of the island while he and a friend went rock climbing, she had vanished by the time they returned.

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Her relatives from Bath joined volunteers and investigators in the island-wide manhunt that lasted for nearly three weeks.

One of her daughters previously revealed that Susan, who used to work for the World Health Organisation, suffered from dementia, increasing the risk that something bad could’ve happened to her.

Her daughter Ruth Landale has now sadly confirmed that she was identified by her stepfather and her body will be repatriated to Switzerland, where she was living with her husband,MailOnline reports.

Before she is handed over to Swiss authorities, a port-mortem will be carried out by Greek authorities to determine exactly how she died.

Telendos is a small island that sits around a kilometre off the coast of Kalymnos.

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The tiny island is shaped like a semi-circle, and is home to a single steep flat-top mountain whose sides drop directly into the surrounding sea.

Susan’s family was forced to fight rumours that her body had been found at the bottom of a cliff, after a Greek TV show allegedly made false claims about the investigation.

Her daughter Bethan previously said of her mum’s disappearance: “How does someone just disappear without a trace? The hopes of finding her alive are diminishing by the day and my sisters and I do not know what to do next.”


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