Brit girl, 13, killed with mum after Hamas kidnapping as dad and sister missing

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    A 13-year-old girl who was kidnapped by Hamas from Israel has been killed, her family has said.

    Sisters Yahel and Noiya were captured on October 7, the first day of the militant group's most recent strikes. The family of the two girls have now confirmed Yahel, along with her mother Lianne, have both lost their lives while Noiya, 16, and her father Eli are still missing.

    The family say the teenagers were taken from Be'eri, a kibbutz in southern Israel, and taken to Gaza. Brit Lianne, who was born in Bristol, was murdered during the attack.

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    Lianne's family in the UK told the BBC on Monday (October 16) she was "a beloved daughter, sister, mother, aunt and friend who enriched the lives of all those lucky enough to have known and loved her".

    "She lived a beautiful life and will be sorely missed by the heartbroken family and friends she leaves behind," they said. They also described Yehal as "funny, all the time" and said she loved singing and dancing.

    Up to 10 British hostages are currently being held captive by Hamas, according to the Foreign Office. Ministers have now pledged to do "everything" they can to bring home those who have been taken.

    Minister of State for Development and Africa Andrew Mitchell confirmed the government is "extremely concerned about the fate and the state" of the missing Brits. Six UK nationals have already been confirmed dead since the attack on Israel began earlier this month.

    One of them is Jake Marlowe, a 26-year-old from London who was last seen working with the security team at the Supernova Desert Music Festival on the morning of October 7. Taking to Facebook, his grieving mum Lisa wrote: "We are heartbroken to have to inform you the crushing news that our son Jake has been confirmed dead in Southern Israel."

    Meanwhile Rishi Sunak said on Monday he has concerns some of the missing people have been killed. The Prime Minister also called for the immediate release of the hostages, estimated to be around 200 in total.

    More than 1,400 Israelis been killed in the 10 days since Hamas first fired rockets at Israel's major settlements on October 7, including about 289 soldiers. Officials in Gaza say the Palestinian death toll is more than 2,800.

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