Boys Prince Harry World Book Day costume dubbed masterpiece by delighted fans

Royal fans have been chuffed to bits by a young lad’s Prince Harry World Book Day costume.

Ellis Wright and his mum have whipped up a premiere interpretation of the Duke of Sussex for the annual reading celebration following the release of Harry’s memoir Spare.

His mum, Melissa Wright, 36, from Surrey, was briefed by Ellis that he didn’t want a traditional costume and wanted to think outside the box.

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So, for his first World Book Day, she suggested he dress up as the author of the book that has caused perhaps the biggest stir of any release this year.

Now the big effort for the preschool do has since been labelled a “masterpiece” by amazed parents and royal fans alike.

Ellis was transformed into royalty with clever uses of ginger hairspray and a beard.

Speaking to the Mirror, Melissa said: "I was a bit worried because I guess it is a controversial topic because everybody does have quite a big opinion.”

But luckily people got the joke, realising it really was just a “harmless” laugh.

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She says Ellis shares some similarities with Prince Harry, although the little lad has not read Spare.

The tongue-in-cheek effort, she said, came from his desire to do something a bit different.

The mum said: "As he's only three, I was giving him some suggestions; the typical sort of Julia Donaldson characters or things three-year-olds would like to be read. Then, he was like, 'no, no I don't want that one'.

"He is quite feisty, he's definitely got an opinion, which then kind of led me to Harry.”

Melissa, who works at an office refurbishment company and also works as a makeup artist at the weekends, noted the move came from a family who had put plenty of time and effort into royal goings on in the past.

“As a family, we do quite love the Royal Family," she said. "He loved the Jubilee. My mum threw a huge party and he still talks about that now.

"He is a bit obsessed with being a prince as well so I thought it would be perfect."

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