Boyfriend who cheated on pregnant girlfriend exposed by phone thief

A phone thief exposed a man who had been allegedly cheating on his pregnant girlfriend.

Carlos, the boyfriend, was traveling for work when his phone was stolen in a street robbery back in September.

Having stolen the phone, the thief is said to have gone through Carlos’ messages, discovering that he was allegedly speaking to his ex-partner, with whom he also had a baby.

The thief felt sorry for Carlos’ current girlfriend, Andrea Avila, and informed her of her boyfriend’s alleged behavior.

Recalling the scandalous turn of events on her TikTok account, Andrea said the thief even offered to take care of her and her unborn baby.

Andrea, who comes from León, Mexico, explained in the video that she met her partner at work in 2021.

When they started dating, Andrea alleges Carlos told her he had no partner and no children.

But she later found out that he has a son, she claimed, adding that Carlos then admitted this but said he was no longer involved with the boy’s mother.

Andrea and Carlos continued in their relationship. When Carlos’ phone was stolen in September, his sister called Andrea to let her know that he would be unable to contact her.

Andrea initially suspected that this was a ploy to avoid paying money for her baby shower. As a result, she sent several angry messages to Carlos.

Then, the thief sent Andrea screenshots of Carlos’ messages to his ex from Carlos’ phone, accompanied by the message:”Friend…realise.”

The screenshots showed that Carlos had allegedly got his ex pregnant while away on a “work trip.”

Andrea then confronted Carlos about the alleged cheating. She explained how he became “offended” by the allegations and told her not to believe them.

Andrea’s video explaining the drama went viral, garnering 56,000 views on TikTok.

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Some of her followers said that they hoped the thief would become the stepfather to Andrea’s baby.

One user said: “Adrián for stepfather or godfather to the baby or whatever you want please.”

Another follower wrote: “Ask for some money and blessings from Adrián.”

A third user replied: “Hahaha. Oh no friend, I don’t want anything to do with him and I certainly don’t want him to have rights to my baby.”

Meanwhile, another follower said: “Sometimes we all need an Adrián to open our eyes!”

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