Boris Johnson warns Putin to lose support of key ally China

Russia: Johnson on global response to nuclear weapons

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The former British Prime Minister claimed that if Vladimir Putin were to unleash weapons of mass destruction he would destroy his relationship with civilised nations around the world, including China. Mr Johnson explained that such actions would be a disaster for Russia and claimed that Western countries would be able to intensify economic punishments to Moscow. Putin has been ramping up his threats of nuclear attacks in recent weeks, causing leaders from around the world to condemn him.

Mr Johnson told Sky News: “He would immediately tinder Russia’s resignation from the club of civilised nations.

“It would be a total disaster for his country.

“So the current economic punishment that the West has been able to dish out would be massively intensified.

“Russia would be put into a kind of cryogenic economic freeze.

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The former Prime Minister added: “And I think he would lose a lot of the kind of middle ground of global tacit acquiescence he’s had.

“If you look at Sub-Saharan Africa and if you look at Latin America, look at Lula for instance where he’s just been elected again…

“Look at South Asia, there is a lot of willingness to give Putin the benefit of the doubt, and that will go the minute he does anything like that.

“He would also crucially lose the patronage of the Chinese and above all, his own country I think he would trigger an absolutely hysterical reaction.”

Putin's mouthpiece admits questioning if Russia can beat Ukraine

In recent weeks Putin has been ramping up his threats of nuclear attacks, which has caused global leaders to come out and condemn his threats.

US President Joe Biden and Ukraine’s President Zelensky sent the Russian dictator stern warnings, pledging severe economic sanctions on top of the measures already in place.

China has been bolstering its strategic deterrents and is upgrading its air, sea-based and ground nuclear systems. 

Colonel Richard Kemp told “We should take any nuclear threat from Putin over the threat of nuclear weapons very seriously.

“The problem Putin has is his troops are not really in a position to operate on a nuclear battlefield and they would potentially suffer contamination and casualties from operating where nuclear weapons are being operated.

“He might destroy a large number of Ukrainian troops, but he is not going to be able to move forward and will still be in defensive mode.”

He added: “The other option would be to use nuclear weapons on cities and that could potentially break Ukrainian morale.

“But that would also likely result in Western and NATO intervention in some way, whether that would be to sink the Black Sea fleet or carry out serious rocket attacks on Russian military installations.

“That could result in the destruction of Russia and lead directly to Putin’s downfall. We don’t know what Biden and the US could be planning for Russia in such an event, but any type of retaliation could be devastating for Putin.”

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