Bloke’s 10-hour forfeit trip to Glasgow and back after losing fantasy footie

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    A bloke who finished last in a Fantasy Football league had "the worst day of his life" when his mates forced him to go to Glasgow and back without stopping, as a forfeit.

    Stephen Finnegan, from Belleeks in County Armagh, has been doing Fantasy Premier League with a group of nine mates for five years, with a 'winner takes all' kitty for the victor at the end of the season.

    The Belfast-based student, 25, said there were "loads of different forfeit ideas flying around the groupchat" but they settled on "the day trip" to Glasgow as punishment for the loser.

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    Stephen told the Daily Star that ground rules were set out, including that the loser must travel solo, they must return on the next available train/boat and they must fork out their own cash to do so.

    "The league started off last year and I started at the bottom, and continued bottom the whole year. So I never really had a glimmer of hope, which was a bit depressing," he said.

    But upon losing, the student moved to America to work for the summer, "ruffling the feathers" of his mates who thought he was dodging his punishment.

    "The boys were talking about adding on to the punishment, which was stressing me out. They were getting agitated so I just booked it for the start of February," he explained.

    He said he booked his boat from Belfast to Cairnryan, on Scotland's west coast, through an agency.

    "I rang them up and asked if I could get to Glasgow and back on the same day and the woman on the phone was like 'you wouldn't be able to sightsee or anything because it's only a 20-minute turn around period.'

    "I told her 'that's perfect because I only need to be there for two minutes', and she just started laughing and hung up."

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    Stephen eventually booked the trip and, on the big day, walked 30 minutes to the bus station in the pouring rain at around 4.30am. Around 45 minutes later he was on the boat and headed for Scotland.

    "I lay down and tried to go to sleep but once the boat started moving I felt sea sick, the whole way there," he said.

    He added that the boat journey was "pretty depressing" because of "stinking food" and a lack of sleep.

    "When I was on the boat I found out that I couldn't stream, so I couldn't go on TikTok, couldn't listen to music unless I had it saved and couldn't go onto Netflix, so from Belfast to Cairnryan I listened to the same 10 songs on my phone on repeat," Stephen added.

    Stephen arrived at Cairnryan and then hopped onto a bus to take him to Glasgow. Around three hours later, at noon, he was sitting in the bus station in the Scottish city.

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    "I was absolutely starving but I had to basically hop straight onto the bus, where the same driver that just left me off gave me a dubious look, I gave him my name and he just stared at me and I said 'don't ask'. He just started laughing," the student said.

    Three hours later, his boat was delayed so Stephen sat and "tried to download music like f**k so I could listen to tunes on the way home".

    "It was delayed for an hour and was getting dark. There I was back on the boat, seasick again the whole way home," he explained.

    He got back to Belfast at around 6pm the same day he left and "bar meeting one of the boys for a few pints when I got back" the 10-hour round trip – which cost around £90 – "was the worst experience of my life."

    He added: "I'm doing everything in my power to not finish bottom this year, but it's still not looking good".

    The groupchat have since decided that the next forfeit will be a 13-hour, 38-mile walk from the border city of Newry, to Belfast.

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