Bloke to leave home after 17 different cars crashed into property in 7 years

A man has been forced to leave his US home after a total of 17 cars have crashed into his home during the last decade.

Seven years ago, a car smashed into Junious Merriweather’s house in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, doing substantial damage to the property. Then it happened again. And it kept happening.

In total, 17 cars have hit the building at the corner of 76th Street and Stark Street.

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In 2019, Junious’s CCTV cameras captured a fatal car accident outside his home. The car’s windshield, knocked out by the force of the crash, smacked into his front door.

"My wife, my grandchildren, my family sits out on the porch quite a bit,” He told WTMJTV at the time.

“Had that been going on last night, it would have been pretty bad… it would have been pretty detrimental."

“Cars have been running into my yard repeatedly,” he said.

And now enough is enough. The exasperated grandfather is moving out.

"I never had any intentions of leaving my home. I wanted to stay there. I fixed it up really good shape. I liked it. My wife and I loved our home, but we had to move,” he said.

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"My insurance company has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars,” he said, and he plans to repair the damage one more time – but once the place is liable again he plans to rent it out.

Junious added: "I don't want to get rid of my property. But I do know I need to fortify it to make it safe for anybody that is staying there”.

He believes that a deceptive bend just before the corner where he lives has led to all the crashes.

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He’s applied to the authorities for some sort of traffic-calming measures to prevent any further collision but as yet they haven’t taken any action.

As a temporary measure, he’s placed a number of large rocks in his garden in hope of stopping any more cars before they hit the house.

Milwaukee Alderman Mark Chambers, who represents that area, says he and the Department of Public Works are looking at the issue and are considering installing a series of speed bumps for the area.

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