Bloke obsessed with pigs killed own dad after fearing new animals bring disease

A man who stamped his father to death following a psychotic breakdown has been indefinitely detained in hospital.

Dafydd Thomas, 65, died after he was attacked by his son Tony Thomas, 46, in March 2021 at Minffordd, near Porthmadog, in Gwynedd, Wales.

After a jury heard that Thomas has had a lengthy history of mental health issues, he was convicted of manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility.

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The judge at Caernarfon Crown Court said the brutal attack took the life of a “remarkable man”.

During the trial in January, the court heard about Thomas' obsession with the pigs he and his parents kept on their land.

After hearing his father talk about the possibility of introducing new animals onto the farm, Thomas grew concerned that they may carry disease and infect his pigs.

According to the prosecution, they suggested this event was the "trigger" that led to the vicious attack.

Thomas said that he was “overwhelmed with anger, like a fuse blowing in his head”, after he saw an email containing an official notice for moving animals.

After confronting his father and dragging him off a truck, he proceeded to throw him on the ground and kick him, before stamping on his head.

Mr Thomas died from “catastrophic injuries” to his face, however, Thomas avoided a murder charge due to medical evidence that he had a schizoaffective disorder when he attacked his father.

The court had also heard about his previous diagnosis of being bipolar as well as his several admissions to mental health hospitals in the past.

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Mr Thomas’s daughter Elin told the court about the tragedy of losing her father as she read a victim impact statement.

“He will never get to walk me down the aisle,” she told the court.

“We were a close family. I can’t describe the loss we all feel that we don’t get to see him every day."

While Judge Rhys Rowlands said that Thomas remained "a dangerous offender", his actions were driven by mental illness.

His sentence includes an indefinite hospital order as well as a further indefinite restriction order.


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