Bloke cut in half by forklift shares horror images of surgery that saved him

A man who suffered life-changing injuries following a gruesome forklift accident has shared graphic images and details about the surgery that saved his life.

Loren Schauers lost the bottom half of his body after a forklift fell onto him from 50ft in a tragic workplace accident on September 27, 2019.

Loren, from Great Falls in Montana, US, and his wife Sabia Reiche now document their day to day lives on social media. And in a recent Facebook post they shared the scientific case study detailing how medics managed to keep him alive.

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The post read: "We recently rediscovered the published case study on Loren's surgery that he underwent (the hemicorporectomy) and thought it might be interesting for any of you that have always wanted to know the details of his surgery.

"The case study does contain graphic images as well as a very detailed account of his surgical procedures so please read at your own discretion."

The document, titled 'Pelvic crush injury requiring hemicorporectomy', outlines how Loren suffered "a crush injury to his pelvis, left thigh, and right forearm".

"The patient was taken immediately to the operating room where he was found to have ischemic left colon and rectum, perineal degloving, and avulsion of the bladder dome," it states. That's a scientific way of describing how Loren was essentially chopped in half by the forklift.

Medics were forced to remove "non-viable" tissue. This included "necrotic pelvic bone, genitalia, muscle, and soft tissue of the abdominal wall".

A further procedure was then required "for closure of his abdomen". Medics did this by creating a mesh "sling for the abdominal contents". The document also contained incredibly graphic images of Loren's abdomen before and after this procedure. His organs – or rather those he had left – are clearly visible in the first.

To make matters worse, the document describes how Loren's time in hospital was "complicated by pulmonary embolism, ileus, pneumonia, intra-abdominal abscess, and acute respiratory failure". But ultimately he made a miraculous recovery. The document concludes: "One year postoperatively, he has completed his inpatient rehabilitation and is living at home."

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