Bloke almost dragged by croc punches beast after it snatched his dog instead

Shocking footage has captured the moment a man punched a crocodile that snatched his dog after it almost devoured him.

Alister MacPhee, 37, was seen wading knee-deep in the water at the Bloomfield boat ramp, north of Port Douglas, Australia with his rottweiler dog at around 5.30pm (February 22).

Suddenly, a huge crocodile lunged at him from the water and clamped it's jaws down on his leg.

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MacPhee was briefly dragged into the Bloomfield River before escaping to land, nursing the wound on his leg.

But the beast changed tactics and went for the dog instead.

The injured owner lept into action to attempt to save his furry friend, punching the croc to try to get it to let his pet go.

Environmental health and animal management officer Skye Ashworth told 9News: "The owner was punching the back of the crocodile in order to save his dog.

"But due to the size and how strong the crocodile is he wasn't able to save his dog."

Unfortunately, he was unable to save his dog, which hasn't been seen since the incident.

Rangers who were driving by the location found MacPhee lying on the ground, bleeding from the attack.

He was airlifted to Cairns Hospital for emergency treatment and remains there, now in stable condition.

Cooktown Mayor Peter Scott said MacPhee was fortunate to escape with his life but it is terribly sad that he lost his pet.

He said: "This bloke was very very lucky, but at the same time he's lost what may have been his best mate so it's very very sad.

"It's awfully tragic that he's lost a dog who I think was there with him and may have been trying to protect him too."

Wildlife Officers from the Department of Environment and Science (DES) have now been sent in to capture the predator and remove it, in line with the Queensland Crocodile Management Plan.

"After attacking this poor bloke the crocodile now has a taste for human blood so it will now stalk people and become a future risk to everyone," Ashworth added.

In a statement following the incident, the Queensland Government has said it "is a timely reminder for people to be Crocwise in croc country and not to be complacent with their own safety or the safety of their family or pets when they are in or near the water".

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