Blind dog’s reaction to suddenly smelling her owner melts hearts on Reddit

Footage of a blind and deaf dog suddenly smelling her owner and reacting with uncontrollable joy has gone viral on Reddit has been labelled "too pure for this Earth".

In the clip, a white dog with a dark patch called Lyla is frolicking around on a large expanse of grass and wagging her tail.

Suddenly, the pooch seems to notice something that makes her very happy and starts to bounce up and down on her slightly shaky legs.

The dog then bounds towards where her owner is sitting, zig-zagging through the grass and sniffing the air to guide her way.

"You found me," he says, giving the dog a stroke while she happily snorts and tries to lick his fingers.

"Good girl he adds," patting her on the side while her tail wags.

The video, originally uploaded on TikTok by user @markreed2009, has been up-voted 90,000 times since it was shared on Reddit today and lifted the spirits of dog lovers.

One person gushed: "It's the uncontrollable shaking she does when she smells him that gets me."

Another smitten viewer wrote: "Dogs are always full of amazement. Like that it can be so happy and lively without its sight."

Someone else commented: "This is why I love dogs, so happy to even smell their friends. Amazing creatures."

A fourth fan said: "Dogs are too pure for this earth. I don't understand what they even are. They're just too much."

"I have nothing but the utmost admiration and respect for people who give blind and other disabled dogs a loving home," said another Reddit user.

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