Big name music artists taking performances online during coronavirus pandemic

Musicians around the world are taking performances online amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m not alone, I’ve had a lot of shows cancelled,” said Canadian music legend Burton Cummings.

Cummings got the idea to take his music to social media because the COVID-19 isolation reminded him of when he was a kid, trapped inside during wild Winnipeg snowstorms.

“My goodness, I’m shut in here and so are millions of people around the world, so I thought maybe I’ll sing a song or two for the shut-ins,” Cummings said, speaking from his home in Moosjaw, Manitoba.

Cummings, the former front man of the Guess Who, isn’t the only musician popping up online.

Jim Cuddy from Blue Rodeo, along with a few friends, went acoustic online.

“Everyone’s stuffed in their houses and we all feel this stir-crazy feeling, so musicians are thinking, well, let’s put a little entertainment in the porthole and see if it creates a diversion,” Cuddy said.

It’s happening everywhere, too.

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