BBC Weather: UK faces freezing -6C temperature weekend plunge in Scandinavian cold blast

The UK is bracing for a subzero blast after a Scandinavian freezing weather front sweeps across the country tonight. BBC meteorologist Sarah Keith-Lucas revealed that temperatures will be far lower than what is expected for this time of year. She warned that temperatures will “fall quite quickly tonight,” after the Met Office forecast a freezing -6C plunge in Scotland.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Keith-Lucas said: “There is quite a chilly wind around today.

“It is a cold, frosty start to the day particularly across northern and central parts of the UK.

“Further south, we have this slow-moving band of cloud that has been quite stubborn over the past few days, producing a few showers with the odd rumble of thunder.

“The breeze is coming in from the east which is making temperatures feel quite chilly, especially in the south. Temperatures will struggle to get past 8C this afternoon.”

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The BBC meteorologist added that it would be “quite dry” this afternoon before temperatures drop again overnight.

She explained: “Tonight will be a chilly night, with temperatures dropping below freezing in the countryside in northern parts of the UK.

“Temperatures will be falling quite quickly tonight and we will have a chilly start to Saturday.

“For the weekend, we have high pressure still with us. It will drift a little eastwards, sitting just above Scandinavia, with winds rotating back towards the UK.

This means we will have dry and chilly weather this weekend. As the breeze comes in from the east, on Saturday, we will see again see temperatures only reach 8C. 

“Into Sunday, there is a similar-looking picture. Temperature-wise, it is not great for this time of year.

“The high pressure will be staying with us into next week and we should have some sunshine on offer.

“However, we could also see a bit of rain, especially across the north-western parts of the UK on Wednesday.”


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Met Office forecaster Simon Partridge echoed this warning, adding: “Overnight it will be mostly dry and still cold in most of the country.

“It’s possible that in parts of Scotland the temperature could get down as low as -6C and in parts of the Midlands, it could get down to -2 or -3C.

“Saturday and Sunday will be warmer but on Sunday night temperatures could drop down to -3C or -4C.

“So it looks we’re in for a few cold nights and sunny days next week.”

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