BBC Weather: High pressure firmly in charge as light showers expected

BBC Weather: UK set for ‘patchy rain’ and drizzle

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BBC Weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood has predicted a cloudy start to the day and breezier conditions for those along the North Sea as gusty winds are expected. Ms Kirkwood predicted outbreaks of patchy rain in Scotland and certain parts of the West. The pollen count is high today, so people with allergies are being warned to take it into consideration.

Ms Kirkwood said: “What is in the forecast today is a lot of dry weather after a fairly cloudy start for some but not everyone.

“As you can see in Fife we do have some blue skies this morning, but there are a lot of clouds generally across the UK.

“We had some light rain in London also in East Anglia and Kent but that’s going to move away, high pressures firmly in charge.

“We’ve got a northerly breeze down the North Sea coast, so here it will be a wee bit fresher.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “Now for Wimbledon today if you’re heading down, it’s a cloudy start.

“Cloud thinning and breaking through the morning, then we’re into blue skies in the afternoon with highs up to 25 degrees.

“And light breezes, if you are going to Wimbledon or going to be outside for any length of time, do not forget your hat and your suncream it’s that old story and your water as well.

“Over the next few days, it’s going to warm up even more.

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Ms Kirkwood said: “So the cloud thinning and breaking, the sun coming out across the North and the West prone to a bit more cloud.

“And in Scotland, that’s likely to produce some patchy light rain or drizzle in the West.

“But temperatures 13 in Lerwick, 22 in Hull and up to 25 in London, pollen levels today are also high or very high away from the far North of Scotland within moderate or low.

“Now heading on through the evening we have a lot of clear skies, still this cloud in the North and the West producing some patchy light rain and drizzle.

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Ms Kirkwood said: “You can also see some mist and fog patches form to the East of Wales down towards Gloucestershire, and it is going to be quite a muggy night as well.

“So that takes us into tomorrow, mist and fog lifting quite rapidly.

“A lot of dry weather, a lot of sunshine ut again you can see in the North and West prone to a bit more cloud with some drizzle across parts of Western Scotland at times.

“But the cloud thinning and breaking at times as well allowing sunny spells to develop.”


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