BBC Weather: ‘Heavy and torrential downpours’ to soak Europe as flash flooding expected

BBC Weather forecasts dry and sunny weather across UK

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Nick Miller outlined that heat is split between the east and west of Europe due to an area of low pressure in the centre of the continent. The BBC meteorologist added that France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland should brace for heavy downpours and potentially flash flooding as a result of the low pressure.

Mr Miller said: “In Europe, at the moment it is an east-west split when it comes to heat.

“Eastern Europe, western parts of Russia, the Baltic countries, and Scandinavia with above-average temperatures.

“To the west, it will be warming up, particularly Portugal in the coming days.

“Splitting the two sides is an area of low pressure in central parts with slow-moving heavy even torrential downpours.

“Bringing the likelihood of flash flooding affecting parts of France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

“It is very much part of the forecast from this weather system.”

The BBC’s long-range weather forecast for the end and start of August outlines “tricky” weather conditions.

The BBC wrote: “As we head into August the forecast gets a bit tricky.

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“The main culprit for this is the high-pressure system in Scandinavia, and how influential it will be for the UK’s weather pattern.

“We anticipate that this high will tend to shift east far enough that we will no longer feel its impacts, but there are a lot of conflicting signals.

The further east high-pressure shifts, the more likely it is for low pressure from Iceland to shift overhead and continue to give us a cloudy, damp, and slightly cool summer.

This looks increasingly likely as we get into early August, but the exact timing is very uncertain.


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The forecast continued: “At the same time, high pressure in the Atlantic will be complicating matters and occasionally sending ridges of high pressure through northern Europe into Scandinavia.

“The pattern shift away from the high pressure of late-July to the low pressure of early-August will likely be gradual as we see weakened weather fronts penetrating ever further south and southeast.

“This would promote more westerly or north-westerly winds which, easing the chances for any heat waves from the south.

“There is a chance that high pressure remains strong across northern Europe through into August, resulting in a more long-lived settled, dry, and warm pattern and decidedly more summer-like weather.”

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