BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns Britons not out of the woods with wet scattered shower

BBC Weather forecasts sun with scattered showers

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Tennis fans have been watching the skies amid fears rainfall could halt play at Wimbledon,  BBC presenter Carol Kirkwood was unable to calm nerves with reports that the UK is not “out of the woods yet” in terms of weather. Scattered showers are forecast amid sunshine as the start of July sees a wet weather front move in across the British Isles. 

Ms Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast: “Looks like it’s going to stay dry and looking at this chart, but there is a chance of a shower [at Wimbledon.]

“Won’t be as heavy as we saw yesterday, and we’re looking at highs up to about 21 degrees.

“This weather front here is what’s produced a fair bit of rain in parts of the country overnight, and you can see it’s moving up towards the northern Isles through the day, and then another one’s coming in across Northern Ireland bringing in some rain here.

“Showers are going to widely develop.”

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She added: “We still have some at the moment, especially across northern England and once again, we’ll see more developed through the course of the day.

“In between the be bright skies been in quite a bit of cloud or indeed some sunny intervals.

“Temperatures today ranging from 13 in the north to 22 in the south.

“Now through this evening and overnight where we’ve got the rain in Northern Ireland, you can see how it moves over into Wales, and then the whole lot continues to push eastwards.

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“It’s a weather front following all the way around in through central parts of Scotland,” continued Ms Kirkwood. 

“It’s not going to be a cold night for most of us, most of us staying in double figures.

“So here is our weather front pushing steadily eastward through the coast of tomorrow. 

Another one comes in across the Northwest, bringing in some more rain, and tomorrow to we’re not out of the woods in terms of showers.


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“So here we go. Here is that weather front producing the rain, more persistent rain coming in across Northwest Scotland.

“Some showers developing in between these two areas, but a lot of us will stay dry and there will be a fair bit of sunshine around as well.

“Just a small chance of a shower at Wimbledon tomorrow with temperatures 14 to 20 degrees.

“Then on into Sunday, high pressure is starting to build in from the southwest so a lot of dry weather farther south.

“You can see there are still a few showers scattered around, some of them getting in for example to East Anglia a few coming in across northwest England into northern and western parts of Scotland, as well as a few into eastern Scotland.”

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