BBC host verbally abused and called a lizard by Grand National punters

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    A BBC radio presenter let slip an explosive rant when he was called a "lizard" and a "c***" by punters at the Grand National.

    Pete Price, 77, who has worked for BBC Radio 1 and Radio City for over 20 years, was left devastated after he got verablly attacked at Aintree on Saturday, April 16.

    Video posted on social media captured the moment Pete walks into a bar and is met by a group of guests who are hurling abusive languages at him.

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    A woman in yellow blazer grabs her pint of beer and calls him a "c***" while her friend, who dresses in a pink outfit, laughs and walks away.

    The pensioner turns around and points at them, firing the slur back: "You're the c***!"

    The cameraman shouts at Pete: "You are a lizard!"

    As Pete argues with the group, the women chants and makes noises as they exits the bar.

    Pete later issued a statement to Liverpool Echo to apologise the use of the language in the video.

    He said: "I am aware of a video that is circulating from the Grand National on Saturday.

    "Whilst I would apologise for the use of the language used and any offence that may have caused, I am beyond hurt, upset and angry that my clear distress has been released as a source of amusement in this way."

    Pete continued to explain that his reaction was a result of extensive provocation which began with "multiple vile and homophobic slurs".

    "My distress in the video is clear to see and the prolonged verbal attack I received at the end of my working day is absolutely horrible to re-live," he added.

    "I am saddened that as a 77-year-old man, who has spent an entire lifetime engaging with public and doing as much as I can for others, that at this stage in my life behaviour like this is seen as acceptable to some.

    "In summary, I am incredibly wounded and devastated by this attack, I have not slept, I am struggling to eat, it has made me question some people’s moral compass."

    Pete thanked the nice people he met at Aintree and thanked the staff and guests who assisted him after the attack.

    He said he will be taking a break from social media.

    Viewers were left disgusted and called out the race-goers' abusive behaviour.

    One commented: "Leave the man alone, bunch of ignorant, rude people. Nobody deserves to be hounded."

    "I don't think it's funny, he's a 77-year-old man getting abused…imagine someone doing that to your grandad, you wouldn't be happy," another wrote.

    "What makes it worse is he walks away and the b****** filming it goes after him. Bang out of order that."


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