Baseball thug pulls weapon from trousers and smashes it over head of target

This is the sick moment a man pulls out a baseball bat and hits a man in the back of his head in an unprovoked attack.

CCTV released by the police shows a man in black hoodie walking behind a pedestrian, who wears a red puffer jacket.

He is seen touching his leg and looking away when a passer-by walks past from opposite direction.

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Then the man lifts his hoodie and pulls a baseball bat out from his pants, striking the man in the head.

The victim face-plants onto the floor and rolls in agonising pain.

As he tries to get up, the attacker angrily yells over him and raises his baseball bat, threatening to hit him again.

During the brief interaction, he appears to stomp the victim at one point.

He swings his arms in the arm and walks away in anger, leaving the victim lying on the floor.

The incident took place on the sidewalk in front of 1770 Amsterdam Avenue, in Hamilton Heights, New York City on Tuesday, November 29.

New York Police Department released the clip on Saturday to appeal the public to help identify the man.

The man was last seen in a black hooded sweatshirt with "NIKE" logo on the front, a gray sweatpants and black sneakers.

The authority added that the victim, who is 47 years old, suffered a laceration and bruising from the attack.

He was taken by ambulance to NYC Health and Hospitals, where he remains in stable condition.

Earlier this week, a rookie New York police officer made headline when she was filmed giving her boss a lap dance at a wild Christmas party.

Video showed her twerking in front of her superior while other colleagues filmed and watched as they partied in a bar.


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